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Contact us with an update on your section of the trail.

Nickel Plate Trail, Inc. is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization. Because of this, supporting and maintaining the Nickel Plate is a community effort.

Without the help of volunteers, we would not be able to maintain this wonderful community resource. This work brings along with it a great sense of accomplishment, knowing you have contributed to keeping these trails open for all to enjoy!


What is Trail Adoption?

All that is required to adopt a trail segment is that you be at least 18 years of age and have a genuine concern for the well-being of this wonderful resource. Individuals, families, school and youth groups, scout troops, churches, community and service organizations and business are all encouraged to adopt segments of the trail to monitor and maintain. Each adopter regularly visits their segment to check the condition of the trail and perform basic trail maintenance. Rule of thumb: Do what you can, and report needs you can’t deal with. Taking on the stewardship of a trail is a privilege and it is important that the adopter take the responsibilities of maintaining the trail seriously.


How is a segment defined?

The trail has been divided into 27 segments. Most segments are one to two miles, but some are as short as 1/2 a mile. Most segments have fairly easy access at both ends, usually public roads.


What is involved in monitoring and maintaining?

Monitoring basically means letting us know the general condition of the trail and identifying any problem areas. Let us know if there are pot holes, if the trail has been vandalized, if signs need to be replaced, etc.

Maintaining activities include keeping the surface free of sticks, rocks and other debris, pruning small limbs from the trail, cutting back encroaching vegetation, and litter clean-up.


What tools are needed?

Generally, the only tools you will need are long-handled bypass loppers (pruners), a rake, a weed eater and a pair of good gloves.  


How do I get started?

Select a section of trail that still needs to be adopted from below and complete an Adopt-a-Segment application.


South Section

Segment Adopted By
1/2 mile Walnut – Main St.  John & Julie Schwartz
1/2 mile Main – Riverside  
1/2 mile Riverside – 300  Mike Green
1 mile 300 – 400  Richard Norris
1 mile 400 – 500  
1 mile 500 – 600  
1 mile 600 – 3rd St. (Bunker Hill)  
1 mile 3rd St. – 800  
1 mile 800 – 900  
1 mile 900 – Blake (Miami)  
1 mile Blake – 1150  Dick Rausch
South 1150 – IN 18  Kathy Snyder
1 mile IN 18 – 1350  Dave Plantenga 
1 mile 1350 – Cassville  Max Elmore
1.5 miles Cassville – Trailhead at US 35  Tamra Howard

North Section

Segment Adopted By
2 mile Lovers Lane – 300  Ron Mofield
2 mile 300 – 500
2 mile 500 – Denver (Emmon)  
1 mile Emmon – 800  
2 mile 800 – 1000 (Deedsville)  
1 mile Birmingham – 1300   Dave Plantenga 
1 mile 1300 – 1400 (Macy)  
2 mile 1400 – 1600 (County Line)  
2 mile 1600 – 300 S  
2 mile 300 S – Wabash Ave.  
1 mile Wabash Ave. – Mitchell Dr.  Kevin Kennedy